ARTernative means finding creative alternative solutions to our problems. 


The main person behind ARTernative is Silvia Vazzana, a community development officer and art therapist with creative backgrounds. Despite being a sole trader, she operates as a social enterprise. She is supported by other local artists. Her ambition is to coordinate a group of creative freelancers to whom community learning and development are core values in their creative practice (participatory arts). 

ARTernative workshops are not ordinary art classes. We combine the principles of Community Development, Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Visual Communication to help participants explore and open up to the world of possibilities. Because when there is a possibility there is always hope.

All workshops use a people-centred approach and we work towards learning outcomes. We design and personalise workshops according to your group’s needs. We have reflective practice and all our work will always be adjusted to meet your group’s needs.

Community Street Art Project with homeless people, Guatemala


We believe art builds communities that are more resilient, emphatic, solution-focused and kind. Stepping away from the misconception that art is only for an elite group of people. Art belongs to everyone and it is our mission to make it accessible and inclusive to all backgrounds. Our mission is to contribute to shifting our society from 'reactive' to 'creative'.

​Participants don’t need to have experience in making art. They are experienced human beings, and that is enough to be involved.


Mindful Marks Project, East Kilbride


Arts&Chats in Dennistoun, Glasgow

We achieve our mission by designing and delivering workshops that give a stress-free experience by using an approach that removes the pressure of creating something perfect. We encourage self-expression and openness to play and exploration. We celebrate mistakes as part of our learning journey and we encourage collaboration and learning from others. We facilitate group discussion and use it as an extra tool for reflection.

ARTernative provides creative challenges to push mental boundaries and facilitate learning. We may provide some creative suggestions but we do not use a 'this-way' approach. Each person is in charge of the decision-making process. This is the path to empowerment.